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Guide to Booking Your Baby's First Passport: Appointments and Walk-In Options

low resolution passport photo Acquiring a passport for your newborn or toddler is a big step, often signaling future family vacations or essential international travel. Two primary options are available for you to obtain your child's first passport: scheduling an appointment and opting for walk-in services. This guide, informed by the U.S. Department of State and USPS, aims to shed light on these processes, emphasizing the potential challenges posed by the limited availability of walk-ins.

Appointment Option

How to Book

Appointments can be scheduled through the USPS Schedule an Appointment website. On average, you might have to wait about two to three weeks to secure an appointment, and this duration can vary depending on the location and season.

What to Prepare

Preparation is key to ensure a smooth appointment process. Check the official U.S. Department of State website for a complete list of documents required for children under 16.

What Happens During the Appointment

Upon arrival at the appointment, a USPS representative will review your documents, collect the necessary fees, and initiate the application process. Some locations may require a short interview for verification.

Walk-In Option

How It Works

Walk-in services for passport applications are available at select USPS locations and only during specific hours. To identify these locations, use the USPS Locator and filter for "walk-in passports."

Advantages and Drawbacks

While walk-in services offer the advantage of immediacy, the catch is that only a limited number of walk-ins are accepted. If you're in a highly populated area, you may find it necessary to arrive very early to secure your spot, and even then, there’s the risk of having to come back another day.

Tips for a Smoother Process

Be prepared with all required documents, and consider calling ahead to find out how many walk-ins the location accepts on a given day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive the baby's passport?

Typically, the processing time is around four to six weeks. Expedited services are available at an extra charge.

Can one parent apply for the baby's passport alone?

Both parents are usually required to appear in person to provide consent.

What is the cost?

As of September 23, 2023, the cost for a child’s passport book is $100, plus a $35 processing/acceptance fee.


Whether you're leaning towards scheduling an appointment or attempting a walk-in, the journey to obtain your child's first passport is fraught with particulars that require careful attention. Armed with this guide and the resources provided, you can navigate these options more effectively, even with the limitations posed by walk-in availability.