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correct way to take a photo to make a passport photo online

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How to take a photo?

Follow these simple instruction to take the perfect ID photo.

right distance for taking a photo for the perfect passport photo

01Body-camera distance

When taking your photo, it is recommended to make sure that the distance between you and the camera or smartphone is between 50 cm and 2 meters. This will ensure that the photo is clear and of high quality. To achieve this distance, you can ask someone to help you or use a tripod to hold the camera or smartphone. Alternatively, you can take a selfie, but make sure that your head, neck, and the upper part of your shoulders are visible in the picture.

correct way to take a passport photo to make it online
do not smile while taking a passport photo

02Posture: straight ahead

It is important to position your face in the center of the image and to keep your head straight, not tilted in any direction. The entire face, including you hair must be visible in the photo. You should look directly at the camera with your mouth closed and eyes open. A neutral facial expression is required, meaning no smiling or making any kind of face. This will ensure that your photo is a clear representation of your appearance, meeting all the requirements.

correct way to take a passport and visa photo
avoid shadows on your face for your passport photo

03Lighting on both sides of the face

To ensure the best quality passport photo, it is recommended to take the photo in natural light. The best time to take the photo is during a bright day, this will ensure that your face is evenly illuminated on both sides. Your photo should not have any shadows and all your features such as eyes, nose, mouth, and ears should be clearly visible. This will make the photo suitable for the requirements.

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