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Can You Wear Glasses in Your Passport Photo? Official Guidelines Explained

can my passport photo have glasses

Can I wear glasses on my passport photo?

It’s common to wonder if your passport photo can have glasses.

The rules for passport photos vary depending on the country that issues the passport. However, in general, it's usually best to avoid wearing glasses in your passport photo, unless you have a medical condition that requires you to wear them.

Why wearing glasses on my passport photo is not advised?

This is because the reflections on the lenses can cause problems with the photo, such as glare or shadows, which could lead to the photo being rejected.

Some countries do allow glasses to be worn in passport photos, but the rules around this can be quite specific. To ensure that your passport photo meets the requirements, it's best to check the guidelines of the country that issued your passport, and follow them closely. You can usually find these guidelines on the website of your country's passport agency or consulate.

But, in general, it’s advised to not wear them while taking the photo for your passport or visa application. For example; for US passports, it’s recently banned the use of eyeglasses in passport photos due to the high number of photos being denied because of glare. Additionally, wearing contacts that alter the size of your irises or obscure your eyes is also not allowed.

Other things to pay attention to

Headphones and wireless hands-free devices are also prohibited during passport photo sessions. Photos are taken against a white background, so it is best to wear contrasting clothing.

A neutral facial expression is recommended in the passport photo, as immigration officials and others who may be assisting with travel arrangements can be serious.

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