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Complete Guide to Applying for an ETIAS Visa Waiver

how to get an ETIAS visa

How to get an ETIAS visa?

Currently, citizens of 63 non-EU countries can enter the EU Schengen Zone for tourism or business purposes without a visa and stay up to 90 days. However, concerns over terrorism and illegal migration have prompted the European Commission to implement ETIAS, an electronic travel authorization system to better manage EU border control and enhance security.

The system will allow the EU to screen travelers before they arrive, and to deny entry to those who are deemed a threat to public safety.

When will ETIAS go into effect?

ETIAS, which is similar to the US ESTA system, is expected to be completely operational by November 2023, and it will screen visa-free visitors to determine whether they pose a security threat. Although the system is not a visa, it will ensure that all Schengen visa-free visitors are screened before entering any Schengen countries.

The ETIAS will require applicants to provide personal information and travel details and will cost 7 euros, valid for three years or until the passport expires. The ETIAS system is designed to facilitate business and tourist visits and will also allow medical and transit-related travel.

Do I need ETIAS?

You must be a citizen of a country that is eligible for ETIAS. The list of eligible countries can be found on the ETIAS website.

What are the requirements for ETIAS?

To apply for ETIAS, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have a valid passport from one of the eligible countries that is valid for at least three months beyond your intended stay in the Schengen Area.
  2. You must be traveling to the Schengen Area for tourism, business, medical, or transit purposes. If you are planning to work or study in the Schengen Area, you may need to apply for a visa instead of an ETIAS.
  3. You must not pose a security or health risk to the Schengen Area. ETIAS will perform a background check to determine if you have a criminal record or if you have been refused entry to the Schengen Area before. You must also not have any communicable diseases or other health issues that could pose a risk to public health.

How much does it cost?

The fee to apply for ETIAS is at the moment set as 7 Euros. The fee can be paid online via a credit or a debit card.