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Easy and Affordable: Print Your Passport Photos at Walgreens for Just $0.39

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Whether you're jet-setting across the globe or renewing your passport, getting your visa or passport photos printed has never been easier. With your Snap2Pass photo tile and Walgreens Photo service, you can get it done for just $0.39. Here's your step-by-step guide.

Creating a Walgreens Photo Account

If you haven't already, start by creating an account with Walgreens Photo. It's a quick process:

  • Navigate to the Walgreens Photo site
  • Click on 'Create Account'
  • Enter your details and preferences
  • Verify your email if required

With an account, you'll be able to upload photos, track orders, and reorder prints effortlessly.

Step 1: Locate Your Photo Tile

Find the photo file on your device. This file will have a grid of four identical photos ready for printing, ensuring you receive four passport or visa sized photos on a single 4x6 print.

Step 2: Upload Your Photo and Select Order Prints

upload photos

Log in to your Walgreens Photo account and:

  • Click on 'Upload Photos'
  • Select your photo tile with the four identical images
  • Ensure it appears correctly in the preview
  • Select 'Order Prints'

Step 3: Select Size and Finish

photo print settings

For your uploaded photo tile, you'll need to:

  • Choose '4x6' as the print size
  • Select 'Glossy' for the finish for a professional look (this is important for passport photos)

Step 4: Review and Checkout

Once you've added your photos to the cart:

  • Verify that the image and selections are correct
  • Click on 'Proceed to checkout'
  • Choose your payment method and complete the order

Step 5: Choose Pickup Details

same day print

Take advantage of Walgreens' convenient same-day pickup:

  • Select a store location for pickup
  • Pick a time that's convenient for you to collect your prints

Step 6: Collect Your Photos

Head over to your chosen Walgreens store:

  • Go to the photo department
  • Provide your order number and collect your prints

Finalizing Your Passport Photos

Once you have your 4x6 photo:

  • Use scissors to cut along the grid lines
  • Separate your photos

And just like that, you have your passport photos ready for your travel documents!

Printing your passport or visa photos is quick, economical, and easy. With just $0.39 and a trip to Walgreens, you're ready to take on the world!